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In the early 1600s, African American brothers and sisters where brought to the new nation in order to act as servants. The ships we were brought over in had the poorest of conditions. They were infested with disease and served as the most uncomfortable form of transportation. We first arrived in Virginia where we were traded for various items or money. This was only the beginning of the cruelty we endured from white men.

As time went on, more and more of our ancestors were brought to this new land. Once we were traded or sold, treatment only got worse. The generations before us were whipped, beaten, and had no freedom. Essentially, the life of a black man was in the hands of his white master. At any attempt to flee or escape, a slave would suffer serious physical and emotional consequences.
Our African American ancestors were treated like animals and were forced to live in places that resembled a cage. The houses they lived in were of no better condition than the boats that they arrived on. Blacks were to simply do as they were told, expecting nothing in return.

The sources used for this article and websites that have more information about the cruelties endured by blacks are listed below:

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