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This common style of art was introduced around the 1900’s in Europe. At first, it was closely related to photography art and was used by famous artists such as Andy Warhol. Acrylics are one of the fastest drying paints, and are water-soluble. Different tips given in painting with Acrylics include hold the brush perpendicular to the line you are making, twist or turn the brush as you paint, and apply different amounts of pressure as you go on. Having different size brushes may also increase the amount of variation you can create. Below, you can see some of these techniques within the paintings.
This landscape painting shows the use of different textures within the clouds, mountains, and grasses.
Flowers, one of the most commonly drawn images, shows good use of shading within shadows created by the waves in petals.
This portrait of a child shows the use of many different colors to create the effect of living image within skin pigment.



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